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Compilation of the dramas you go 'GA-GA' for! (But mostly Korean Dramas ;P)

Feel free to ask, suggest or request dramas you want to be posted. May it be OSTs, drama quotes, screen caps or .gifs, we'll provide it for you!

Just make sure that it is a DRAMA- to die for! :P

You can also submit your own edited audio, screen caps, .gifs or photos to us so that we can share it to others! :)


22 April 14 | Reblog

jolina1899 asked: Are you korean ?:)

Nope. We’re Filipinos :)

19 March 14 | Reblog

I should have you in my dreams more often, so you can hold me like this. -Cheon Song Yi

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24 February 14 | Reblog

Sarreh. Sarreh.

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh